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Changelogs for MFC Dongle V1.3.1 ?
  • Add Backup/Load/Clear history Fucntion in iMFC
  • Add authorization Login function (Official Website Access)
  • Add Check IMEI (Clean/Stolen) Function (World First)
  • Add 5 FREE Credits for each MFC User
  • Add Credits Recharge function / operation logs
  • Add Stop Button for some operation in iMFC
  • Add i4 Patch (Bypass iCloud ID in DFU or Normal mode (Normal mode require iDevice jailbroken+openssh installed)
  • improving Bruteforce function to be more stable
  • improving 6s/6sp FDR issue during flash
  • Remove "Do Jobs" button in info interface
  • For Jailbreak iDevice (jailbroken+openssh installed)
  • Add one button Read iCloud Account (World First)
  • improving Change info function to change phone basic information, Eg. model / Color etc.
  • improving hide / show application icon function
  • MFC software interface changed
  • Other small reported bugs fixed

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